Ad Company Tremor Video Now Offers Automated Campaign Optimization Across Screens

Tremor Video, a video ad company that went public last year, has announced a new product that should take a lot of headache and uncertainty out of running ad campaigns across desktops, tablets, smartphones, and Internet-connected TVs.

Cross-screen advertising is a big buzzword (buzzphrase?) right now, but Tremor CTO Steven Lee said that when it comes to running a campaign, there’s still a challenge in deciding how much money to allocate to each platform. With Tremor, on the other hand, you can just tell the system how much money you want to spend and what your desired outcome is, then the technology will automatically adjust the ad-buying mix to deliver the best results.

Lee said the cross-screen optimization builds on existing Tremor technology: “First you need a really strong optimization engine — the ability to take all of the signals associated with the ad request and figure out what’s signal and what’s noise, and use that to affect future placements.”

This also takes advantage of Tremor’s “creative toolkit” allowing a single ad to be delivered across all those devices, with all the interactivity still working properly. And Lee said Tremor uses a variety of data sources to identify when multiple devices belong to a single household. That means if you see an ad a bunch of times on your laptop, you shouldn’t see it again on your smartphone.

Tremor’s cross-screen optimization is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Initial advertisers include Six Flags (through its agency BPN) and Media Storm (an agency whose clients include Fox Broadcasting, Open Road Films and SundanceTV).

“Tremor Video’s all-screen solution is a great step in the right direction, particularly for entertainment, enabling us to leverage their technology to instantly reach and inspire the right people, wherever they’re watching,” said Media Storm managing director Charlie Fiordalis in a press release.