Netflix Is Down (Update: And We’re Back!)

Netflix, the lifeblood of the Millennial generation and stay-at-home parents, appears to be down for some people.

It’s working for me, personally, but reports on Twitter and other status service report sites seem to show service disruptions. AWS is up, currently, so there’s no room to blame Amazon on this one.

DownDetector shows reports of service issues, and DownRightNow also shows service disruption.

As usual during an outage, Twitter is hilarious:

The issue seems to have picked up around 10am ET.

We’ve seen reports that Netflix’s Xbox app is down, as well as the browser version of the site on both Windows and Mac. It’s not clear, however, if the disruption has to do with a certain platform or a certain geographic territory. To be quite honest, we don’t know what’s going on at all, really, which is why we’ve reached out to Netflix.

We’ll keep you updated on things as we know more.

Update 10:40am ET: We still haven’t heard anything from Netflix, but the site seems to be slowly returning based on the number of reports being processed on sites like IsItDown and DownDetector.

Update 10:45am ET: Netflix has provided us with the following comment:

There were some technical problems earlier this morning that may have made it difficult for some members to stream. This lasted for about 30 minutes.