Gmail Now Lets You Insert Photos Automatically Backed Up From Your Smartphone Via Google+

I may not use Google+ all that often for social interaction, but its Auto Backup service for photos is incredibly handy, and now it’s even handier thanks to a new Gmail feature introduced today. The addition brings Auto Backup images right to the Gmail web interface, giving you access to all the pics you’ve uploaded automatically from your smartphone with a single click.

Now when you click the Insert Photo button in Gmail’s web compose window, you get a browser with your Auto Backup images as a first option, with your most recent pics displayed first and all the ones you’ve backed up in one place. You can share whole albums if you have them, and you can resize images with a new visual editor in your compose window, too.

Gmail2 (1)

If you don’t have these new features yet, just be patient: Google says they’re rolling out gradually today. You also have to have Auto Backup enabled on your device to see the photos, of course.