Viddsee BUZZ Launches To Help Independent Asian Films Go Viral

Viddsee, an online video platform that helps independent filmmakers throughout Asia distribute their work, has launched the beta version of Viddsee BUZZ, a new site that is meant to help content reach a wider audience on social networks. The site, which launched last year, also announced that Viddsee has hit five unique million viewers.

Viddsee currently serves artists from Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand, while about 30% of its viewership comes from outside of Asia.

The site and its content partnerships with Yahoo, museums, and film festivals gives filmmakers a new distribution platform, but co-founder Derek Tan says there was still a significant gap in marketing to potential viewers.

Though Viddsee BUZZ’s concept resembles BuzzFeed, Upworthy, and other sites that rely on social networks, the startup wants to model its content after Variety, HuffPost, and Vice. Viddsee Buzz’s posts have attention-grabbing titles like “A PENIS BECOMES THE VICTIM IN A HILARIOUS MISADVENTURE!,” for a short film called “Potong Saga,” (screen grab above), but its articles focus on each piece’s┬áthemes and includes background information about its creators.

“Viddsee BUZZ works in bringing the essence of the films out closer to the audience on the Web. This might come in terms of research, context, and thoughts behind the film,” says Tan.

“The idea is to create a better context around the film, especially as audiences browse through a sea of content and potentially miss out on what is good.”