NextSuit Offers Suit Rentals By The Month

After graduating from college, your brain is stressed to the max. You need to find a place to live, find a job, and most terrifyingly, figure out how to be a self-sufficient adult. The last thing on your mind is all the new clothes you’ll have to buy for your inevitable full dance card of job interviews, but NextSuit aims to change all that.

The site, which is going to launch soon, lets you choose a suit and rent it for a month at a time. Simply send in your measurements, or use the site’s measurement guide to figure it out with a friend, and pick out your suit.

NextSuit will send you your threads with a pre-paid return package, and you’re off to the races.

One suit for one month costs $100, and two suits will cost you $150.

The company is currently in the process of setting up an insurance policy for users, in case you rip the suit or spill something horrendous on it. All suits are dry cleaned upon return.

NextSuit isn’t live yet, but will open up in the next couple weeks. Users interested in renting out a sweet suit can sign up for more information here.