Inside Jobs: How iOS Developer Danilo Campos Battles To Bring New Apps To Life

Mobile apps are something that you interact with on a very personal basis — you carry them around in your pocket, check in with them frequently, and really let them into your life. So in this episode of Inside Jobs we decided to turn the tables and get personal with someone who builds mobile apps.

Danilo Campos is the developer and designer behind beautiful mobile apps for iOS including Hipmunk and Level Money. To give us an inside look at how he works, Campos invited TechCrunch TV into his San Francisco apartment, where he currently works as a freelance developer of iOS apps for a variety of clients.

When you talk to Campos, the main thing that comes through is his passion for what he does. In fact, he’s so passionate about it that he was dangerously close to becoming bankrupt on the way to pursuing mobile design as a career — in a lot of ways, his work is something that he’s fought for. I especially loved how he described the process of getting the first version of a new software project up and running:

“There’s an author, Michael Lopp, and he has written that [version] 1.0 does not want to exist. And he’s right. 1.0 will fight you at every step of the way not come into existence. And that fight is so fun to me. I love the battle of dragging this thing kicking and screaming into existence.

It’s just the most exhilarating thing in the world to get something out into the App Store, get people using it, get it into people’s hands, where once, none of this had existed at all.”

You can take a closer look at Danilo Campos’ job in the video embedded above.

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