Curalate Adds Tumblr To Its Visual Analytics Platform

Startup Curalate has been described as a Pinterest marketing platform, but its ambitions are broader than that, as indicated by today’s announcement that it supports Tumblr, too.

That means Curalate now offers analytics and marketing tools across Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook. CEO Apu Gupta said there’s “a common set of insights that we provide across networks,” using image recognition to detect when a brand’s products and pictures are posted on those services and seeing how their engagement stacks up against competitors. It also offers tools for running promotions on those networks.

Gupta argued that Tumblr is important for Curalate customers because there are so many images posted there, often without any text that would make it easier for brands to track them. He also suggested that on Tumblr, businesses can see growing the importance of “organic engagement,” namely, consumers sharing brand-related content without any prompting from the brand.

He added that some marketers think they don’t need to be on Tumblr, because they don’t have a Tumblr blog of their own, but that’s wrong: “If your consumer is on Tumblr, then your brand is on Tumblr.”

Curalate says its customers include 400 brands such as Gap, Neiman Marcus and Michaels.

“We know Tumblr is a popular social platform for design fans, as validated by the data Curalate provides,” said Lauren Guerreri, social media manager at Curalate customer Design Within Reach, in a press release. “Now, we can see which products our customers are passionate about and which types of design are trending at any given time.”