Twitter Has Log Cabin Fever [Photos]

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Today in the Twitter log cabin beat: Twitter installed its previously purchased log cabins, which we reported on here, into its office at 1355 Market Street. The log cabins are part of the company’s mid-Market office expansion, which includes a new cafeteria. Twitter now occupies seven floors of the 11-floor, 77-year-old SF Mart building.

As if the numeric symmetry weren’t enough, there’s one big historic coincidence involved in the cabin timing. As Neetzan Zimmerman points out, Abraham Lincoln — perhaps the world’s most famous log cabin dweller — was assassinated 149 years ago today. I’m sure Lincoln would be chuffed to know the future usage of his signature domicile would be an ironic one. Did they even have hipsters back then?

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While the price of the log cabins was not disclosed, here’s a more down market version selling for around $12.5k. Our team guess is that the largest expense to Twitter would be transportation and assembly, and that the architect (Lundberg Designwould have had to re-notch the dovetails and sand blast the wood to make the cabins safe for work.

From Karl Beckmann, the guy who sold the cabins to Lundberg: “We advertised them for a year and we pretty much got a lot of crackpot calls. When you think about it, buying a 100-year-old log cabin that has been exposed to the elements is not a very practical idea unless you’re doing something exactly like what is being done here.”

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Guess there’s much opportunity for prank calls rife with wood and log jokes when log cabins are for sale. In the silliest Twitter comms email exchange since “…,” I have emailed Twitter for comment. “Are they supposed to be birdhouses?” is an actual question I have asked.

Disclosure: I hold Twitter shares. I don’t think the cabins will affect the stock price.

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Images via Doug Bowman and Paul Stamatiou