100 Tesla Model S Convertibles Are Headed To China

Hold on to your hat. The Tesla Model S is about to get more breezy thanks to a drop-top conversion by Newport Convertible Engineering. Both hard and soft top conversions are now available — they don’t come cheap, though.

A soft-top conversion costs $29K and a hard-top $49K. Plus, the buyer has to supply the Tesla Model S. But, once converted, there’s no question that you’ll have the raddest Model S parked outside of your local Blue Bottle.

NCE just announced that an investor in China has already ordered 100 conversions. Because why not.

According to NCE, the conversion shop has been working on the project for six months with Tesla and recently asked the car company for assistance in supplying 5,000 more Model S’s to meet demand.

Of course as with any vehicle modification, the converted vehicle is often wildly different from a non-modified example. There is often extensive modification required to a vehicle’s frame when the top is removed, resulting in extra weight and, therefore, a car that handles differently (read: often poorly). But when the top is down and the wind is blowing through your hair, zero to 60 times are moot.

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