Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into A Computer From The 80s Using Commodore Pi

As a former user of the Atari 800XL, I find the Commodore line to be piffle at best but I’ll become a bit more catholic in my support of decades-old hardware and tell you a bit about the Commodore Pi, a wacky emulator that turns your Raspberry Pi into a real, multi-tasking Commodore.

The project is very nascent but you can download the code now and give it a try. The creator, Scott Hutter, is looking to make a fully-featured piece of software that allows for instant-on access to the OS and, more importantly, allows users to bring the Commodore OS into the 21st century.

The goals of the project include an HDMI and composite compatible video output, SID based sound, Sprites and other notable Commodore features. They also plan to have hooks for more modern technology to include Ethernet, GPIO and expansion RAM.

You can download the SD image right here and try it out or you could can just pop over here and play some Commodore games in your browser.

via Adafruit