Staples Wants To Be The Kinkos Of 3D Printing

Staples is getting a jump on 3D printing and just rolled-out a 3D printing service to two of its U.S. locations in New York and Los Angeles, where consumers can walk in and have a 3D doodad printed.

If this trial proves successful, the retailer says it will expand the service to more locations.

Staples has partnered with 3D Systems for the trial. 3D Systems along with Shapeways has long offered 3D printing services to the consumer, but Staples’ has the brand awareness and consumer reach to better position the service.

This isn’t Staples’ first foray into the 3D printing world. The retailer started selling 3D printers last year. In fact, Staples has offered in-store 3D printing in its Europe locations for close to a year now.

As Bloomberg reports, the stores will feature printers able to make objects in six different materials. Larger jobs will be outsourced. No word on the price, but it’s safe to say that printing a 3D bust of yourself will likely cost more than a color copy.