Native Advertising Startup Adyoulike Acquires Content Amp For $2.5M

French native advertising company Adyoulike acquired Content Amp. According to Rude Baguette, the British company was acquired for $2.5 million. Adyoulike appears to be at the same time an advertising technology company and a more traditional advertising network for native content.

An ad-tech company in native advertising seems counterintuitive — native ads are blog posts, articles and content after all. But for partner publishers, Adyoulike will target your readers, distribute, and let you monitor your ad performance.

Adyoulike also works with brands to create native advertising campaigns and adapt them for multiple formats. One of Adyoulike’s key features is that its native ads can be responsive. If you go to a website in particular on your laptop and on your phone, you will see the same ad in a different format depending on your device.

Content Amp is a more traditional advertising company. It has its own network of websites, and it sells native ads for them. In addition to building this platform, the company also works with brands to create native advertising campaigns.

The acquisition is an easy way for Adyoulike to expand its team in the U.K. The two companies work in native advertising and were probably about to compete for the same clients. This acquisition proves once again that French entrepreneurs are efficient when it comes to developing advertising technology startups.