Are You Living Your Purpose? Asana’s Justin Rosenstein Will Challenge TechCrunch Disrupt NY

Cynicism in tech has reached a new peak, and with good reason. We may be squandering our potential to truly improve the world by building silly apps in pursuit of riches, but there is another way to live and work, and Justin Rosenstein will share it at TechCrunch Disrupt NY.

After being an early employee at Google and Facebook, Rosenstein could have escaped to some tropical beach to sit on his money. Instead, he founded Asana with the mission to help humanity thrive by making it easier for all teams to collaborate. In doing so, he discovered true happiness comes not from individual success, but contributing to our collective progress as a species.

If this kind of peace and love perspective makes you bristle, that’s all the more reason to come see Rosenstein’s talk at Disrupt NY. He’s well aware that these ideas are controversial, and can come off as trite platitudes. But he’s created a no-BS framework for finding fulfillment in your professional life.

I’ve seen an early beta of this talk, and it’s powerful. It will make you take a long, hard look at yourself. And it might make you a bit uncomfortable. But you’ll walk away with a clearer vision for how to help you and your company make a bigger positive impact on the world.