And That’s A Wrap On The TC Meetups In Boston And LA

When you have as much fun as we did this week in Boston and Los Angeles, it’s hard to say goodbye.

But we must! For without bidding farewell to these fine cities, we wouldn’t be able to venture into new territories.

And so, I’d like to proudly announce the winners of the TechCrunch Boston and Los Angeles Pitch-Offs:

In Boston, we had some amazing startups kick ass on our stage. But if everyone were a winner, this would be little league soccer and not the tech industry. Luckily, our prizes are much better than a participation trophy.

First place receives a complimentary table in Startup Alley at Disrupt NY in May. Second place receives two tickets to Disrupt, while third place and audience choice each get one ticket to the show.

So, without wasting any more time, here are our winners:

First Place – TicketZen
Second Place – ReBloom
Third Place – BrightLoop Learning
Audience Choice – Certus

And then, after hitting up Beantown, we flew across the country to see LA.

We had a wild crowd, wild judges, and a generally wild night in this beautiful city, and our pitch-off companies did not fail to delight and inspire.

We even hung out with Michael Heyward from Whisper.


Here are our winners:

First Place – Look
Second Place – Breakr
Third Place – PoachBox
Audience Choice – GroupFlix

Next up: Disrupt NY in May. Buckle up, people.