Check Out, And Support, This Wild Multi-Pedal Bike, The Boneshakered Bigwheel


If you’re into big bicycles with weird, multi-tipped legs, have I got a project for you. Called the Boneshakered Bigwheel (sic), this one-off project by creator Ronald L. Schroer is an unusual trike with legs instead of back wheels. It’s made almost entirely of wood and he’s added an internal “hypno-wheel” to make the experience more pleasant.

Ronald is showing his project at a unique crowdfunding conference/festival in Jacksonville, Florida where I’m speaking this afternoon. It’s the first of its kind I’ve ever seen – both the bike and the conference – and it’s certainly a refreshing look at some of the projects that may not make it on the mainstream sites but are definitely amazing.

I asked Ronald if he’d ever consider mass producing the bike but he’s not sure there would be demand (feel free to upvote him and pledge to his projects here). If, however, I had a garage, I’d totally pick one of these things up if only for the shock value of riding among the fixies of Brooklyn.