Amazon Acquires Digital Comic Book Store Comixology

Amazon has just announced that they will acquire comiXology, a service that offers digital versions of comics from Marvel, DC, and many others.

If you’ve never used it, it’s probably easiest to think of comiXology as a sort of iTunes/Kindle Store for comic books. You buy a comic through their online store, then read it either on the web or through the company’s iOS/Android apps.

To date, Comixology offers upwards of 50,000 comics for sale. In 2013, the company launched a self-publishing platform for comics that allows comic creators to upload and sell their own work — a strategy which fits hand-in-hand with Amazon’s own self-publishing efforts for books.

Last year, the comiXology iOS app was one of the App Store’s top performing, by gross sales. In fact, it was one of just two non-games to find itself in Apple’s Top 20 Grossing for 2013.

The news is confirmed by a post from comiXology CEO David Steinberger, who says that the company will retain its brand, living on as a subsidiary of Amazon.

Terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed…