Samsung Sues Korean Newspaper For Misleading Claims

Don’t get on Samsung’s bad side. The Korean consumer electronics giant is suing a Korean newspaper for publishing misleading claims and not issuing a correction following requests from Samsung.

Last month ET News published claims that Samsung was having trouble producing Galaxy S5 cameras putting the device’s April 11th launch in jeopardy. Samsung states that’s not true. The Korean publication stood by its claims, refusing to change the story when requested by Samsung.

Samsung is now suing for 300 million KRW — about $284,000. The lawsuit was confirmed to TechCrunch by a Samsung representative.

On March 16, ET News reported that the Galaxy S5, Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone flagship, had yet to go into mass production because manufacturing yields of its camera lens module were only in the 20% to 30% range.

“On a thin lens, even the slightest flaw results in a considerable optical distortion,” one of ETNews‘ source said at the time. “To make plastic lens thinner, a more accurate mold technology is necessary.”

The statement released to TechCrunch states the contrary:

“Samsung Electronics sought a correction from ET News following the publication of false claims that can hugely damage our business and brand value. In the interests of providing consumers with accurate information, we made a number of requests for the information to be corrected. Unfortunately this was ignored and we are now taking legal action as a last resort.”

The Galaxy S5 is slated to launch in 150 countries on April 11th. Clearly, in two days, ET New’s report will be vindicated or disproved.

Photo: AP