Prezi Puts On 10M Users Inside 5 Months, Hits 40M

The news today that Dropbox has now hit 275 million users (far higher than the 200 million users it had in November 2013) is further proof that SAAS startups are now fully disrupting the old world. Similarly, old presentation software (hello PowerPoint!) is experiencing something of a gradual encroachment of cloud platforms, as today Prezi announces its hit 40 million users.

This is up from the 30 million it announced in October last year, and a long way from the 200,000 users it garnered in 2009, its first year.

To put this in context, when Evernote turned 5 years old (it was founded in 2007), they had 65 million users but they were heavily focused on US. International expansion only came later (they expanded to Germany as recently as 2013).

Prezi, now hitting its 5th, is already in Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, French and German. So in theory it’s on a pretty good footing. The company claims to have had around 55,000 new signups each day for the last six months.

That said, the jury is out on whether it can fully disrupt the might of PowerPoint with it’s swirly user experience, or whether it will hit a natural plateau amongst users with its unique approach to presentations.