Airbnb Expands Its Cleaning Service To Los Angeles

Hospitality startup Airbnb has expanded its experimental cleaning service partnership into another market, according to an email sent out to hosts yesterday. The expansion also seems to be confirmed by the company’s cleaning service FAQ, which now lists Los Angeles alongside New York City and San Francisco as markets where hosts can sign up to have their spaces cleaned in-between guest stays.

Airbnb is offering cleaning services for as little as $55 for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit, according to the email sent to hosts. The service in New York City and San Francisco was made available through partnership with home cleaning startups Homejoy and Handybook, and we’ve heard that the latter company is leading the L.A. expansion test.

For Airbnb, offering an inexpensive cleaning service to hosts is just one of a number of initiatives that the company is undertaking to make the experience of staying in a stranger’s home more hospitable for guests. Last fall it hired former Joie de Vivre CEO Chip Conley as its new head of hospitality, and since then has been rolling out a series of guidelines and suggestions to improve the quality and safety of guest stays.

That includes cleaning, which Airbnb began offering earlier this year. But it also includes the launch of a Host Home dashboard to provide tips and tricks for guests before they arrive.

For residents in the U.S., Airbnb has tried to push safety standards that include requiring a working smoke and carbon monoxide detector in all listings, and giving away units to help hosts meet that requirement. It’s also provided safety cards to hosts and first aid kits on a first-come, first-served basis.

But the company reportedly has other host and guest service experiments in the works, which could include key handoff and partnerships to provide rides to and from the airport.

For Airbnb, which has grown dramatically over the last few years, offering those services are just part of becoming a global hospitality brand. With new funding coming in that values the company at $10 billion, standardizing what guests can expect from their stays and adding extras will go a long way to further legitimizing its brand.

Here’s the email sent to one host that was forwarded to TechCrunch:

Hi [XXX],

We’re excited to invite you to try a new cleaning service we’re piloting for Airbnb hosts in select LA neighborhoods! Airbnb Cleaning is affordable, easy to schedule, and can be tailored to include amenities such as linen service. Pricing starts at $55 for a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom.

We built this service to address what Airbnb guests care about most (things like odors and refrigerators!). We also worked with hosts like you to understand how to cater to personal hosting styles and home setup preferences. We’ll save your preferences and set up your space exactly the way you want it every time.

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