Jerry Yang, Box, Workday Founders Invest In Disruptive Supply Chain SaaS Elementum

Elementum, a company that exited stealth recently to disrupt supply chain management, is announcing new investment from Box co-founder Aaron Levie,Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, Workday co-founder and co-CEO Dave Duffield, Silver Lake Partners co-founder and managing director Jim Davidson, and Workday VP or Products Mike Frandsen. This follows a Series B raise of $44 million in February, when the startup was officially spun off from Flextronics.

Elementum launched to simplify supply chain management similar to the way Salesforce disrupted the CRM for sales, and Workday reinvented software for HR and finance. The company has created a suite of mobile apps that simplifies and optimizes complicated supply chain processes in the cloud. For most businesses, dealing with supply chain software is an archaic process, and things like mobile, realtime access to data, and even good design is hard to come by.

The company’s Transport app lets companies manage their transportation network, and see every route and shipment in a supply chain—down to individual segments. So you can see delays and lags in real-time. The Exposure app allows you to identify and respond to risks in the supply chain and see where every component and finished good is supplied, manufactured, and distributed. Elementum also offers an analytics app that monitors the health of a supply chain, and graphs out much of the data collected by the other apps.

“With the creation of the world’s first supply chain graph, Elementum isn’t just disrupting the industry, they’re rewriting the rules,” said Levie of Elementum.

Similar to the way Zendesk is disrupting customer service software, and ZenPayroll is taking on how the payroll works, Elementum is tackling the archaic industry of supply chain management. With good design, a mobile focus, and the right advisors and investors, the company is hoping to create an easy way for companies to manage logistics and more.