Indiegogo Has A New Look


Indiegogo has just revealed a huge redesign that updates its look and feel for the first time in a couple of years. The new look brings with it an optimized experience for mobile and tablet, which Indiegogo has never had before.

Previously, campaign owners and funders had to use desktop web on their mobile devices to update something on the go or do some mobile shopping. But according to founder Slava Rubin, more and more traffic is coming from mobile.

“We wanted to evolve the consumer experience,” said Rubin, showing me a brand new Indiegogo logo. Instead of the old cross-hatched pink and teal symbol, the new Indiegogo logo is a constantly updating reflection of all the best campaigns going on on the site at that very moment.

“For Indiegogo, it’s always been about the democratization of capital, and that not only means supporting the entrepreneurs as much as possible, but it means showing that support to consumers who start to browse the site,” said Rubin. “It’s a window for the consumer to look at Indiegogo for what it is.”


Indiegogo has always had a really wonderful experience for campaign owners, with no barrier to entry for those who want access to capital and numerous resources offered by the Indiegogo support team, as well. However, consumers have not had the same experience on Indiegogo. Almost everything is sorted by algorithm, which can make it difficult to surface things based on interest or other factors.

That said, the company has put a lot of work into the new homepage to make it more accessible and navigable for consumers.

But that doesn’t mean support for entrepreneurs is ending. Just the opposite, in fact.

Indiegogo is also releasing, alongside the big redesign, a new Indiegogo Playbook, which takes all the knowledge from Indiegogo support staff, as well as formerly successful campaigners, and offers it to new entrepreneurs and Indiegogo consumer on a single page.

Indiegogo has long offered tons of support to entrepreneurs, but the Playbook condenses it all in one place, and will always be growing with new advice and ideas for running the best possible campaign.

The new website is slowly rolling out over a two-month period starting today, so if you don’t see it right away, don’t panic.

Indiegogo recently raised $40 million.