Xbox One Will Be Able To Upload Game Recordings Straight To YouTube Starting Tomorrow

You’ve just pulled of a truly epic, one-in-a-million shot in Titanfall. Your team is going nuts. Everyone on the opposing team is calling you a hacker. This is why you play games.

“Xbox, record that!” you yell, saving the last 30 seconds of gameplay to the console’s hard drive forever.

Now… how to share it with the world?

Up ’til now, getting the clip online meant sharing it to Microsoft’s OneDrive. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that; OneDrive is actually a pretty solid service — but when’s the last time you heard someone talking about their favorite viral OneDrive video? Never? Yeah. Probably never.

If you want eyeballs on the video, you’ll probably want to put it on YouTube. You’ll soon be able to do that directly from the Xbox One.

With an update expected to launch sometime tomorrow, the Xbox One’s YouTube app will have a new “My Uploads” section that lets you pluck videos from your One and toss them online with just a few button presses. You can trim the clip down or add commentary through the One’s built-in editor, or just toss them in raw.

The app will also be getting a bunch of achievements that you’ll unlock for watching videos, because Microsoft has seemingly forgotten what the word “achievement” means.