WunWun And Gett Partner To Offer On-Demand Product Delivery During Your Ride

Have you ever booked an Uber and wished that Uber came with a pint of ice cream, or a pizza, or a razor so you can shave your legs before your date? WunWun, the on-demand delivery service for anything, is now ready to make your dreams come true.

The company has partnered with GetTaxi to allow Gett users and WunWun users to receiveĀ a special delivery alongside their car ride.

All you have to do is include the words “WunWun” in your GetTaxi request and explain what you’d like delivered, either at the point of pickup or somewhere along the course of your ride in the car. The cost of that product will then simply be added to the cost of your ride.

The service is only available to users who both have WunWun and Gett accounts, and deliveries are limited to Williamsburg, Dumbo, and Manhattan. WunWun is also charging an extra $10 to those who use the WunWun/Gett service.