Quote Roller Integrates With Salesforce To Make It Easy To Send And Process Sales Proposals

Despite being located across the pond, I’m claiming Quote Roller as a European startup. Founded in early 2011 out of Belarus in Eastern Europe, last year the company raised a $655k round led by French seed fund Kima Ventures and a host of other notable angel investors with the explicit aim to relocate to and conquer the United States. In typical European fashion, however, Quote Roller was already cash-flow positive by then, but, with an injection of capital, its founders now had the fuel needed to step on the gas, metaphorically and literally.

Today San Francisco-headquartered Quote Roller, which offers cloud-based software to easily create sales proposals, is announcing it’s reached a significant milestone on its product roadmap by integrating with Salesforce — something I understand has been in the works for quite sometime.

Designed to solve the “last mile” of CRM, the inspiration for Quote Roller came from the its two founders’ prior experience running a web development company. “We had to create dozens of sales proposals, the process was taking too much time, so Quote Roller was solving an internal problem,” co-founder Mikita Mikado tells TechCrunch. The solution is an app that lets sales people create, send and process sales proposals in “half the time” it normally takes when using Word and/or sending PDFs.

As well as being designed for ease-of-use, the software tracks when proposals are opened and how much time clients spend on each section of a proposal. Better still, proposals created by Quote Roller can be accepted and signed online, which is evidently where things are sped up. “We significantly improve the quoting process helping sales people to focus on selling, not quoting,” says Mikado.

To that end, Quote Roller already integrates with a plethora of other cloud applications, including Xero, NimbleCRM, Freshbooks, GoogleApps, Box, and others. And now, of course, Salesforce.

The latter, once installed via Salesforce AppExchange, sees the uber-CRM get an embedded “Create a quote” button within the opportunity details tab. Quote Roller then guides users through four simple steps to create a proposal. In addition, proposals can be finalised within Salesforce, including using Quote Roller’s analytics and digital-signature features, without leaving the app.

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