Today In Dystopian War Robots That Will Harvest Us For Our Organs…

In the year 2000 (well, more like 2020, at this rate), we TIDWRTWHUFOO fans will be able to ride six-wheeled robotic rovers into battle, our shorts flapping around our chicken legs, our friends hooting as we fall on our butts. But then the tides will turn and the robots will begin riding us. Their laughter, mechanical and strange, will haunt our sleepless nights as we are forced to carry them ever further into the darkness of a benighted earth.

Anyway, watch Rusty of SuperDroidRobots get tossed off a drone.


Festo, makers of the elephant trunk robot we featured a few weeks ago, have created this amazing little robotic kangaroo for you and yours. This little robot mimics actual kangaroos and, barring the addition of laser cannons or a missile launcher, will be perfectly harmless when the robots take over the earth.


Finally we have the Pi Bot, a DIY kit for kids who want to learn Arduino robotics. While I’m all for STEM education, I can’t support teaching our kids how to build the very things that will soon lead to their doom, namely simple robots that can follow lines and “listen” to their surroundings. But they sure look fun, don’t they?