Twitter Is No Longer Banned In Turkey

After weeks of being blocked, Twitter will soon be accessible in the country following a court ruling stating that the ban was a breach of freedom of expression. It may take a couple of hours to restore the service after the TIB, the governmental administration in charge of internet regulations, lifted the ban.

The status of YouTube is still in question since that service was also blocked on the same grounds.

Twitter was originally blocked within Turkey after the government discovered that it was being used to spread information about widespread corruption within the government. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan vowed to “wipe out Twitter”, which he initially did, blocking access to the service with his country’s boarders after Twitter refused to remove the accounts Turkey deemed offensive.

Until access to the service is restored within Turkey, users will still have to utilize workarounds to access Twitter — a common practice at this point.

Welcome back, Turkey. You were missed.