T-Mobile CEO Fires Back After Losing BlackBerry Sales Arrangement

BlackBerry and T-Mobile executives should read Jordan’s #love column. Breaking up over the Internet is rough on everyone.

In a letter released this evening, T-Mobile’s outspoken CEO John Legere talked about BlackBerry’s separation with the wireless carrier and reassured BlackBerry customers that their devices will continue to operate on T-Mobile’s network.

Earlier this week, BlackBerry announced that it would not renew its sales arrangement with T-Mobile at the end of April. This came several weeks after T-Mobile launched a marketing promotion that was decidedly anti-BlackBerry.

Legere’s T-Mobile is currently attempting to rebrand the company as a so-called “un-carrier.” As he spoke to in his letter, this includes doing things differently, which is exactly what the original promotion attempted to do by offer BlackBerry customers a great deal on an iPhone 5s. Since undergoing this makeover, T-Mobile has dropped annual contracts and allowed customers to upgrade to newer devices whenever they want.

BlackBerry itself is also changing under new leadership. Since John Chen took over, the company has gone on the offensive against leaks and saw key executives leave as the company attempts to stay afloat. For better or worse, the BlackBerry of today is not afraid to burn bridges.