The Resumator Updates Its Recruiting Platform With Enhanced Reporting Tools

The Resumator, one of the more popular recruiting platforms, today announced the launch of a number of new features that give recruiters the better tools to screen their candidates with the help of dynamic reports. The so-called Flex Reporting feature allows recruiters to modify The Resumator’s standard reports and customize them to their own needs.

Recruiters, the company argues, often need more than just the canned reports that most platforms offer them. Those are often quite good, The Resumator argues, but its users also want the ability to have more granular filters and customization options. The new Flex Reports allow users to analyze the data on the platform more easily than before and gives users the ability to just focus on the data that’s most important to their hiring process (source of the best candidates, channel performance, etc.).

Sample Report Detailed_2

For now, though, the new reports don’t include any graphing options, but the company tells me that this is on the roadmap. Right now, users only get a spreadsheet-like view of their data. Users who really need the ability to graph their data can always export their information into an Excel file and use the built-in visualization tools there. In the long run, though, The Resumator also plans to expand on its current reporting platform.

Previously, the company also launched a partnership with GoodHire, which integrates that company’s background-check platform into The Resumator.