Print Your Own Offline Glass

Remember a few months ago when I talked about the Offline Glass, a clever hack by a Brazilian ad agency that ensures that you and your good friends will be focused on chatting and drinking rather than futzing with your cellphones? Well now you can 3D print your own glass on almost any printer.

The folks at Airwolf 3D have created a downloadable STL file that you can grab and print using standard software. It’s a bit tall for my MakerBot, unfortunately, but there are ways of shrinking it down or cutting off the top. In short, it’s possible.

The glass will not stand by itself and instead must rest on a phone in order to stay upright. Presumably you could just hold your glass and your phone at the same time, but that’s not the point. The point is phones are tearing us apart (Lisa!) and making us lonely, so you need something as goofy as a glass with a notch cut out of the bottom just to stay sane.

Anyway, let me know if you print one. No one really knows the food safety ratings of PLA and ABS just yet, so drinker beware.