Microsoft Demos Its Touch-Focused Office Suite For Windows

This morning at its Build developer conference in San Francisco, Microsoft showed off the coming touch-friendly build of its Office suite coming for the Windows platform. The software, Microsoft assured us, is not done.

Included in the Office touch suite are PowerPoint, Excel and Word, at a minimum. The set of apps includes the ‘ribbon’ interface that is well-known across Office apps for traditional Windows.

Here are the apps waiting to be launched:


Here’s PowerPoint in action:


Another shot:


Microsoft did not demo Word or Excel. The company said that the user interface shown off was preliminary.

Microsoft recently made waves by releasing a build of Office for iPad, which¬†has proven to be a commercial success. That Microsoft was willing to release that code before a build of Office for its Windows 8.1 operating system surprised some, given the company’s long focus on its own platform.

The company did provide a teaser of the set of apps last year, also at Build.