Google Street View Adds Panoramic Photos Of Angkor Wat

Google Street View now has 90,000 new panoramic images of Angkor Wat’s famous temples. The gorgeous photos were taken during sunrise at more than 100 historic sites, including Bayon Temple and the Ramayana’s Battle of Lanka bas relief carvings. Equipment used include Google’s Street View cars and Trekkers, or backpack-mounted cameras.

More photos of the Cambodian landmark are available at the Google Cultural Institute’s new exhibit about Angkor and Khmer culture. These include 12th-century sculpture, modern-day illustrations showing daily life in medieval Angkor, and photographs from the mid-20th century.

Google-TrekkerIn a blog post, Manik Gupta, group product manager at Google Maps, said:

“We hope this new imagery will not only let people experience the scale and beauty of Angkor wherever they are, but also demonstrate how technology can change the way cultural treasures are preserved for generations to come.”