BlackBerry Breaks Up With T-Mobile

Remember when T-Mobile ran a highly successful campaign offering a new phone to BlackBerry owners? The one where BlackBerry fanboys attacked like rabid raccoons¬†only to have T-Mobile pick them up and Kevin Rose them down a staircase? Yeah, BlackBerry didn’t like it very much and today announced that it will not renew a sales agreement with T-Mobile when it expires at the end of April.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen said in a released statement today that the two companies’ strategies currently “are not complementary” and BlackBerry needs to act in the best interest of its customers.

Essentially, BlackBerry is done playing and is taking its ball home.

Good thing no one wants a BlackBerry anymore. According to its most recent financial quarterly release, BlackBerry sold just 1.1 million BlackBerry 10 handsets. T-Mobile also discovered that, following its anti-BlackBerry ad campaign, 94 percent of customers who participated, traded in their BlackBerry for a non-BlackBerry device.

It’s highly unlikely T-Mobile will suffer because BlackBerry doesn’t want to play ball anymore.