The Armiga Project Aims To Resurrect The Meditating Guru


If you have a bunch of old Amiga disks lying around, we may have an Indiegogo project for you. Called the Armiga, this is a clever emulator with a 3.5-inch disk drive and Dual Core ARM CPU that runs like an old-timey Amiga 500.

The team is looking for $140,000 and they’ve raised $9,600 so far. It has two USB ports and an HDMI port for showing your games on the big screen. The machine costs $199 for a standard unit in beige or black with a license for Kickstart 1.3.

The Amiga was a Holy Grail machine for many, and that you can grab one for $199 right now and mess around with it is great. The team has also created an dual-boot Android system for the machine that lets you play modern games and other apps when you’re tired of playing Leander.

One interesting thing? “Currently, Armiga does only read and dump unprotected/cracked games. Copy protection was quite an art in the times of the Amiga and it’s difficult to overcome. However, one of our funding goals is focused on this.” That’s right: the ghost of old DRM still haunts your copy of Disney Animation Studio.