This Demake Of Legend Of Zelda Is Most Fun You Can Have With Colored Squares

It’s dangerous to go alone! Go play The Legend Of Zelda, deconstructed and reduced to its component concepts! You are Link, a green square, and your mission is to kill Ganon (probably a dark block). Along the way you’ll grab a sword (a brown block) and fight all sorts of monsters, from Octoroks to Moblins (represented by blinking colors).

Created by Ben Purdy for a Hackathon, this is some of the best square-on-square action I’ve played in a while.

I can’t confirm this is the entire game – I think the idea starts to break down once you get into inventory – but it’s a noble effort. Writes Purdy:

The thrilling adventure we all know and love, re-imagined at just 16×16 pixels. How can so much awesome fit into such a tiny viewport??

Can you collect all eight fragments of the Triforce without getting killed?

Written in the breaks between a weekend of working in the garden due to unseasonably warm weather.