One Company Betting On Oculus Rift As The Platform For VR HR Training

The Oculus Rift and its creator Oculus VR have been purchased by Facebook, and that’s causing some, including Minecraft developer Mojang, to reconsider their projects for the platform. But others are doubling down on their Oculus investment, including Technology Transfer Services (TTS), a company that designs training software for workforce education.

This is another story today where I had to check to make sure it wasn’t an early April Fools’ joke, but it isn’t, I’m assured by TTS’ John Hoover. The company really is building “immersive learning environments” that combine “virtual worlds, instructor-led training, site-specific training, custom elearning and simulation to effectively train your workforce,” as TTS CEO Lou Rivera explains in an emailed release.

So what does that mean exactly? Well, the next time you want to learn how to properly dispose of hazardous materials when you work at a factory that handles depleted uranium, you might be able to do it within the safe embrace of a virtual environment, instead of risking life and limb. Already, TTS has a Power Plant Simulation prototype up and running, where new employees can cut their teeth without potentially endangering the lives of millions.

Another prospective use: helping office workers prepare for the dangers of doors, cabinets, chairs, pencils and waste bins before they encounter the real things.