iPhone 6 “Air” Concept Imagines A Return To The Glass Back Design

A new take on the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 6 from an independent designer provides a look at what we might expect from a thinner, larger-screened, next-generation device. This latest one is the most recent in a spate of design takes by Martin Hajek on potential future Apple products and is commissioned by French blog NWE based on recently leaked sketches, which may or may not be authentic. However close this is to what we actually see in September when the next iPhone is likely unveiled, it’s a fun look at what might come next.

iPhone-6-CBAs you can see, this design embraces the glass back Apple did away with on the iPhone 5 in favor of an aluminum enclosure. The edges are matte metal, however, and the key feature here is the nearly edge-to-edge display and the ultra-thin design. It’s sort of like a cross between the new iPad mini with Retina display, and the iPhone 4/4S.

iPhone-6-CWI can’t help but lust after that larger screen, and┬áluckily it’s looking more and more like a bigger display is a lock for the next version of Apple iPhone. The thickness here is a little more than I can credibly believe for this generation of hardware, but this is a concept, after all, so a little artistic license is to be expected. Apple has managed to shave depth off of every version so far, too, so there’s precedent for believing it may be able to do it again.