Today In Dystopian War Robots That Will Harvest Us For Our Organs…

Oh, hey there, TIDWRTWHUFOO fans. Thinking about going for a little dip this summer? How about you go for a swim with a one-ton crab that will smash you under its massive legs? Sound fun? Definitely!

Crabster is a wild crab-like robot designed to explore the deepest oceans without smashing itself into a squashed tin can. It has massive legs, a large body, and lots of cameras so it can find you even if you’re the dude from The Big Blue and can dive really deep. There’s no escaping our future robotic-aquatic overlords!

Not afraid of a crab? How about a puffy, weird, soft robot called Glaucus that moves by filling air sacs up over and over again. It has interior chambers that hold air and a pump fills each leg up one at a time so it can crawl across the table and smoosh itself onto your face.

The quadruped has hollow interior chambers that interdigitate with one another. When either of these chambers is pressurized it deforms and bends the structure of the robot. This bending produces the walking motion. It is similar to how a salamander walks, by balancing itself on one pair of legs diagonal from one another while moving the opposite pair forward.


Robots are taking our jobs, sure, but will they also steal our pens? This DIY robot can write on paper using a pen and clever programmer. Created by Dan Royer it’s an example of the simple things that robots will soon be doing in order to undermine our economy, namely kiting checks by faking our signatures.

Confused as to why your friends have changed so much overnight? They’ve probably been taken over by facial counterfeits that can scan and use your friends’ faces. The robot, called SociBot, follows you with its eyes and allows you to chat with it as if you were chatting with a human. But remember: it’s not a human. And it hates you.