Philips Introduces Android-Powered 4K TVs Coming Later This Year

Google TV is likely going away entirely, to be replaced by a familiar face – Android. Philips has just unveiled new Ultra HD (4K, whatever you prefer) TVs (via 9to5Google) that will be running Google’s mobile OS when they hit stores in Q2 of this year. The sets seem to be coming to Europe and Russia first, but it won’t be long before the little Android bot makes its way to all of your connected smart TV sets, in all likelihood.

The new Philips 8000 series come in 48- and 55-inch sizes at full 1080P HD, with a 44-inch 4K model, too. They’ll have access to the Google Play store, and you should be able to install apps like Netflix, YouTube and whatever else your heart desires without much trouble. Widgets will also offer live updating information. Also, you’ll get game controller support, so that you can download games and play them directly.

Google TV isn’t officially dead, and in fact we’d heard last year that the company is looking to rebrand it as Android TV, but this is just Android, and that makes an awful lot of sense. Whether we see Google embrace this trend entirely or continue to embrace slightly separate strategies for TV and Android proper remains to be seen, but it looks like it and its OEM partners are willing to entertain a number of different possibilities to find out what works best.