Elon Musk Turns To Medium And GIFs To Reveal New Model S Fire Safety Feature

Is the company blog dead? Instead of posting on the Tesla blog, Elon Musk announced a significant new Model S feature on the personal blogging site Medium.

Following two incidents which resulted in fires, Tesla is adding a titanium underbody shield to the Model S. This triple underbody shield was added to all vehicles manufactured after March 6 and Tesla service will add it to existing vehicles free of charge.

Tesla says it tested the new underbody shield 152 times and the shield prevented any damage that could potentially cause a fire or penetrate the battery pack.

And it uses GIFs to re-enforce that fact.

Shown on the Medium post is a Model S outfitted with the new shield running over a three ball tow hitch, a nasty concrete block and an alternator. All in GIFs.

Simply put, it’s hard to ignore a GIF. With videos, readers have to press play, but not with GIFs, and Tesla wants to ensure their point is made. The two Model S vehicle fires were a PR nightmare for Tesla, who is already fighting a multi-front war.