Y Combinator’s Top Three Startups From Winter 2014, According To Y Combinator Startups

It’s been more than a day since Y Combinator’s Winter 2014 demo day, and we’ve already weighed in on which companies we thought were most impressive.

But with each class, the startups within Y Combinator vote to determine which colleagues they thought were most likely to be successful. One source sent us a list of those companies, listed in order.

So here’s Y Combinator’s self-selected top five three startups:

  1. Bellabeat
  2. Ambition
  3. Memebox
  4. [off the record]
  5. [off the record]

1. Bellabeat, as we’ve reported, is a quantified self startup that sells a $129 pocket-sized digital ultrasound tool that allows expecting mothers to hear, record, and share their babies’ heartbeat.

2. Ambition, meanwhile, provides a platform for gamifying sales performance within organizations. It basically enables enterprise salespeople to team up and compete against one another, kind of like “fantasy sports for sales teams.” Right now, it’s for sales teams, but the company sees an opportunity to expand to allow whole organizations to compete against one another.

3. Memebox, the third choice from YC classmates, is the first Korean company to be accepted into the accelerator. It’s also generally a later-stage company than YC usually sees. But! It’s doing a lot of business. According to founder Hyungseok Ha at demo day, the startup is on a $150 million run rate. And it’s tough to argue with that.

As you’ve probably noticed, two of the teams that the accelerator’s founders picked were considered “off the record” — which is to say, while those companies presented for investors, members of the audience were asked not to publicize them “in any way.” Because we love Y Combinator so much, we’ve decided to keep that promise (also because otherwise they might not invite us back).

We will say though, those companies are pretty cool.

You might also have noticed that the none of the three startups Y Combinator picked match up with our own picks. Make of that what you will: I mean, what do we know?