Songza Inks Deal With Weather Company To Integrate Rain Or Shine Into Your Music Playlists

Songza, the app that brings music to you instead of forcing you to hunt for it, today announced a deal with The Weather Company to integrate weather data into the app.

As it stands now, Songza uses the day, time, device type, your location, and your past behavior to deliver you expertly curated, human-made music playlists to match your mood and activity. Today, for the first time, the app will also pull in weather information to build more context around what you might want to listen to.

For example, just because you’re in Miami and near the beach, it doesn’t mean you’re in a sun-shiny mood. What if it’s raining? Maybe the rain makes you more angsty?

With the Weather Company partnership, Songza will be able to tailor your options to the weather outside so you’re listening to the right stuff at the right time.

Songza launched a couple years ago with one mission: to make you stop searching for music and bring it directly to you instead. The company has been relatively quiet on growth for the past few months, but has at least 5 million monthly active users across Canada and the U.S.

But perhaps even more impressive, big name companies like iHeartRadio and Beats Music have partially cloned the Songza model, proving that this type of curation and playlist delivery is where music streaming is headed.

Now that weather is under their belts, the team is going to spend a little more time on location. Songza already knows I’m in Brooklyn, and can pair that with the date and weather to give me music it thinks I’ll enjoy. But that’s a stagnant way of looking at location.

In the future, Songza will start to look at patterns within your location data. They’ll know if you visit a gym regularly, and be able to serve up more of a variety of pump-up music, so you don’t get bored. Or, Songza will be able to tell if you’re driving from East LA to the beach, and begin to serve up more “fun-in-the-sun” type music.

Songza is available now on iOS, Android, and the web. Check it out here.