Chromecast To Get Slingbox Support ‘Soon’

Slingbox is coming to Chromecast and it could be the little streamer’s first killer app. According to a forum posting by a Slingbox employee, Slingbox is working on supporting Chromecast and the feature will launch “soon” according to the well-placed Dave Zatz. With support for a Slingbox, a Chromecast instantly becomes distinctly more useful. A Slingbox streams a video signal to a mobile device or web browser. Most often this is a feed from a cable box, allowing subscribers to view live or recorded content away from their main TV. It’s very useful for traveling or watching TV on an iPad when sitting on the can. But with Chromecast support, suddenly, it becomes a trivial task to sling that content onto another HDTV. Simply plug in the HDMI stick. Presumably the content will be initially loaded on a smartphone app, but the nitty-gritty details have yet to be revealed. At a second house or the in-laws? Plug in your Chromecast and sling the content onto their TV. Have a rarely used TV somewhere in your house? Use a $35 Chromecast and a Slingbox to get live content onto that TV. If Slingbox implements this correctly, it could spell big things for both Slingbox and the Chromecast. The only thing missing would be the Aereo Chromecast app, which is also reportedly in the works.