Watch HTC’s New One Unveiling Live At 11 AM ET

HTC will be showing off their new One smartphone at 11 AM ET in NYC today, but you can also follow along live and see the thing yourself via live streaming video. If you want to check it out as it happens, tune in at HTC’s event streaming page right here.

The HTC One is pretty much a known quantity at this point; A 5-inch display, high-quality brushed stainless finish, dual rear camera, 2.3GHz Snapdragon processor and expandable micro SD card storage, plus some whizbang software features like refocusable images. But as with any smartphone unveiling in this leak-heavy age, the most interesting part is usually seeing what the company chooses to focus on. That’s what tells you what it thinks consumers will value in a market where one firm’s offering is more or less the same as any other’s in terms of its basic features and specs.

HTC needs a home run with this new One, which is what the original One released last year seemed like it had the potential to be. Yet, despite critical acclaim and positive reception from the people who did buy it, it remained mostly overlooked by smartphone buyers. AT 11 AM ET, we’ll see how HTC plans to make sure that doesn’t happen again this time around.