HTC Goes “Blah Blah Blah” In The First HTC One M8 Ad

Frankly, the only way this ad could be more effective is if it were a “let me Google that for you” link. HTC is right here. Dead right.

In the first video ad for the new HTC One, Gary Oldman advises viewers to turn to the Internet to learn about the new phone. It simply doesn’t matter what Gary or Robert Downey Jr. tell viewers about the phone. It’s all marketing speak. Worthless. But great SEO is priceless.

HTC’s new flagship phone is the successor to the universally adored HTC One. It’s hard to find a bad review of the original One, which is seemingly the case for the new One as well. Google it, as HTC suggests, and the results will be filled with articles praising the phone. Everything else is “blah.”

HTC, quietly clever.