Square Releases Spanish Version Of POS App To Support Latino Businesses

Square is releasing its point of sale app, Register, in Spanish, in an effort to onboard more Latino businesses. The company says Square Register, dashboard reports and analytics, online market, and mobile products are now localized in Spanish across the U.S.

Square is also going on a national tour to connect with Latino sellers and their communities in Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Latino-owned businesses comprise 22.4% of Florida businesses, 20.7% of Texas businesses and 16.5% of California businesses, according to the company.

While an IPO is reportedly on hold, onboarding more businesses appears to be one of Square’s major goals right now.

The payments company has been actively exploring ways to bring on businesses, both large and small, onto the platform. We heard Square has been debuting more custom pricing deals for medium- to large-sized businesses with more payments volume, and ramping up sales hiring. Square has also started offering cash advances to merchants.

Appealing to Latino businesses is a smart tactic–and outreach strategy will be key in whether the company can bring a meaningful amount of this segment of merchants online.