So A Breathalyzer For Quitting Smoking And A Patent War Room Web App Walk Into A Bar…

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

In just mere moments (depending on your reading comprehension level), I will reveal the winners of the TechCrunch DC and NYC Meetup Pitch-Offs, and you’ll all kindly pretend like you know who they are already.

Of course, you shouldn’t know who they are. As a requirement, they’re all mostly in stealth or private beta or generally under the radar. But no longer.

Drumroll, please!

Taking first place in DC, with a “war room” webapp to help startups, lawyers, and patent trolls navigate the pitfalls of a patent dispute, while staying organized, communicative, and ultimately saving time and money, give it up for Lithosphere Software and their product, PatDek! Our first place winners will receive two tickets to Disrupt NY in May, as well as a demo table in the Disrupt Startup Alley.

API Fortress, which tests and monitors your APIs, took home second place and two tickets to Disrupt NY in May, while Greater Places, the “Houzz” for urban design, walked away with the third place prize of one ticket to Disrupt. The audience choice winner, who is also receiving a ticket to Disrupt, was SpeakerBlast, which uses a webapp to turn any number of devices into a sound system with “superior technology and quality over Bluetooth.”

And now for New York…

IntelliQuit, a company that builds a pocket-size breatholizer-type device that helps smokers give up the habit, won first place in the Big Apple, and will also receive a Startup Alley demo table and two tickets to Disrupt. And hey! If the audience likes them at Disrupt, they may have the opportunity to move into the Battlefield on-stage.

AFreSheet, which is a seven-layer disposable waterproof bedsheet for college students, won second place, and a women’s shoe customization site called Project Shoe took home third. Our audience choice was ShopDrop, an app that notifies you of sales at your favorite stores, online and at the stores.

Thanks to everyone for an amazing night, and congratulations to the companies who pitched at the meetups! You guys did great.

Our next meetups are on April 8 and April 10, in Boston and Los Angeles respectively. And we can’t wait!