Fly Or Die: Whisper

Anonymity is all the rage these days, and so we bring our attention to Whisper.

This week, we’re joined by Leena Rao, who has some mixed feelings about the craze around anonymous social sharing apps, like Whisper and competitor Secret.

Whisper, based out of LA, launched back in 2012 to be the PostSecret of mobile. All the drama and intrigue was there. Most of the artistry still remained as well.

Users could publish their secrets, anonymously, in meme form for others to engage with. When a post is shared, it’s shared with the entire Whisper community and Whispers with the most likes are filtered into the popular page. The entire network is navigable through an intense web of tags on each post.

It’s pretty slick.

And thus, the company has received a total of $54 million in funding without any revenue stream in sight.

The app has seem competition in a world where ephemerality and anonymity are so hot right now, but Whisper may have an edge in the fight against Secret. The issue of bullying will take center stage during the battle.

Where Secret shares your anonymous post with your circle of friends, Whisper makes no distinction between people who know each other and people who are perfect strangers, inviting what seems to be a more positive and humorous user base.

Time will be the real test, as more social ideas are being tested and launched as we speak. After all, no one remains on top forever.