The Awesome Easter Egg In Sergey Brin’s Old Resume

Sergey Brin probably doesn’t need a resume anymore.

Back when he was a student at Stanford, however, it was a different story. You couldn’t just Google him. He had to lay out his achievements in a boring text doc like any other non-19th-richest-person-on-the-planet.

Someone stumbled upon his old Stanford student site (complete with totally awesome 90’s GIFs), and it’s been spreading around all day.

His now decades-old resume details his many projects and publications that lead up to one big project in particular — from developing “parallel algorithms for image processing” to working on “indexing multidimensional data for near-neighbor searches”. You know, the usual stuff.

The best part, though, is tucked away somewhere the casual observer generally wouldn’t think to look: the source. As highlighted by commenter pitchups on HackerNews, his resume contains a bit of fine print visible only within the page’s source code, detailing Brin’s mid-90s objectives:


Mission accomplished, I’d say.