Microview Shrinks Arduino Into A Teeny, Weenie OLED Module

Do you desire a teeny, tiny, little Arduino board with OLED display? You bet you do! Microview is a new “chip-sized” Arduino on Kickstarter that costs $45. What can it do? All kinds of stuff!

You basically get a micro controller and a lot of inputs and you can drive the display via software, allowing you to build wacky little projects with various sensors, motors, and I/O devices.

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The Microview can be programmed and powered from multiple sources although the guys who made it, Geek Ammo, are offering a little serial-to-USB programmer for $10 extra. It seems like it works great for wearables and for creating tiny brains for robots and sensor systems. It can also be used as a small ambient data display for cars, computers, and other tools.

This is the same team that shipped the Ninja Blocks project in 2012, so you know they’re good for it.

I’m a big fan of tiny Arduinos like this. A big, flat device is a bit much most of the time and given that this thing works as well as the full-sized modules it’s a pretty impressive feat. They’ve already gone way over their goal and they’ll be shipping in August so get thee to the Microviewery.