With New Profile Pages, Think Gaming Wants To Become AngelList For Game Developers

New York City-based gaming analytics company Think Gaming already provides data that should help mobile developers find out how users are interacting with their games and how those games stack up against the competition. Now, with the help of new game profile pages, the company wants to help game developers find potential investors, acquirers, and distribution partners.

Think Gaming was founded on the idea of providing developers with a scouting report that evaluates a game’s chances of becoming a hit, based on a number of different metrics. Taking into account gameplay and the type of game that has been released, the report measures retention, monetization, market size, and longevity.

Those metrics can then be compared to other comparable games to give developers ideas around how they can improve and compete against some of their top-grossing peers.

But all of that was sort of behind the scenes. Now Think Gaming is giving developers tools to share their metrics with folks that could help them, like those with money or distribution.

Most independent developers don’t have the marketing power or the user acquisition experience to take their games to the next level. With Think Gaming’s profiles, they can show off metrics that show how valuable their games are to folks who can optimize gameplay and monetization, or help with localization to reach a broader set of users.

On the other side, investors and publishers can scour profiles to find games that they’d like to work with. They can search profiles by game type or score, as well as a number of other metrics, to find games they think could be breakout hits.

Think Gaming was founded by Tim Ogilvie, who sold demand-side ad platform AdBuyer.com to MediaBank in 2011, along with [x+1] founder Ted Shergalis and Squrl founder Michael Hoydich.